Team Bulldozer
Who we are

We are a team of formidable network marketers

Our Unique Business Idea

This is a business idea that let you use the power of leverage in making money from the ever-growing population of both healthy and sick people by providing a solution to their problem via teamwork that makes the process easier & faster.

How we work

Go through the process of how we work


Let's Have a Quick Discussion

How would you feel if you have a system that heals people of various diseases while you make money endlessly?


Understanding Our Business

How would you feel if you become a millionaire just by riding on the wings of high flying experts in various fields? You get to the TOP by using the power of LEVERAGE


Our Team's Strategy

We assign portfolio to all team members which gives everyone a sense of responsibility, thereby boosting the growth of the team. The higher the team grows, the richer every team member becomes. You can be part of this amazing family


You Can Now Enjoy the Results

The result of being part of us includes; endless weekly credit alert based on our team’s growth, free international trips, tangible awards & prizes and above all, good health. Live in good health and flow in wealth with the aid of Team Bulldozer

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We are a group of smart networking gurus who are passionate about helping Nigerians enjoy freedom from financial crisis through team-work arrangement. Feel free to chat with any of our top admins on Whatsapp.

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You can actually be among our members who smile to the bank every Fridays just because Teambulldozer is working. Join Us Now!

Our goal is for you to make wealth and also be in good health and that is why we are partnering with the best MLM platform in the world called Nuevergold.Β 

When you join our team, you have the best opportunity of living in good health with quality and effective health products that suits your health needs even while you make money with us.