Finally! The Traditional Cure To Coronavirus

It is no longer news that coronavirus (Covid-19) has made a name for itself within the space of a month.


The professed deadly virus erupted from China and spread horrifically to Italy, the Us, Iran, Dubai and recently in Nigeria!

There is hardly any headline without the recognition of the virus.

Several philosophies has graced the light to ascertain the possible cure to this virus, but all has only served as a prevention theory.

The world is probably in quarantine as all businesses, schools airport and sociality has been shut down!


Top football players has not been spared from this disease, in fact, all sports activities have been suspended indefinitely. Businesses are being shut down all because of this pandemic disease


Several claims has been listed on how to prevent the virus, some of which are regular use of sanitizers, face mask, avoiding public gathering and the rest of it.

But the point is, no cure has been developed except the regular prevention methods.

Meanwhile, there is recent update on how to cure the virus. The virus is said to linger in the throat for four days, thereby causing irritation, dryness and severe cough. Within this period a native Wushan doctor has discovered that mashed GARLIC in warm water can utterly kill the virus while it lingers in the throat.

Raw garlic has been proven traditionally and scientifically to have strong antiviral and antibacterial properties. It has been known since ancient times as an effective killer of viruses and bacteria. Garlic can prevent infection inside and outside the body.

Many persons have developed phobia towards this potent medicine as a result of its offensive odour but defying its odour in this calamitous season could be a wise decision.


Not just garlic, but also salt and warm water as the virus can only survive long in a cold environment.

Within this period it is advised that the infected person avoids cold drinks and cold environment to maintain the temperature harsh enough to kill the virus.


However, this theory has not been officially confirmed to be a cure to coronavirus, but it is worth a shot.


Below is a powerful testimony from an American woman named Hannah about the power of garlic, click on the link below to read


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        1. TBD, great move for sharing Current Information regarding efforts made by the Nigerian Government to stem the current Covid 19 pandemic.

        1. Anyone Nnanna Austine

          TeamBulldozer has done a great job by providing money for us, since the federal government refused to give her citizens money as per stay at home and stay safe because of corona pandemic, but great TeamBulldozer did it for us.
          Great TeamBulldozer!!!

        2. Covid-19 has rendered many financially handicapped but with a program like TBD,smiles have been put back on their faces.

      1. Daniel oyekunle

        It is a wise idea to take the garlic probably every week as a preventive measure against this disease as it is said to cure it in it’s Early stage

      2. I hope this traditional sure really works for everyone because different people have different body system. Some may be allergic.

    1. Is a very dangerous virus that doesn’t even mind ur status, I pray that this garlic should work and help people that are already infection and every one should also be praying for God protect and guidance

      1. It is of a truth we can’t u Fermi e the importance of Garlic as medicinal plant but in this very case we also need to be told the side effect it might have if wrong applied in respect to covid 19

        1. Hmmm……there’s no cure yet for d virus,bitter kola can’t be d cure,don’t mind ppl

    2. Thanks for the info. I hope there is a cure soon,so we can all b happy n safe in this world. Amen.

    3. It’s good to hear about a cure for this Corona and hope it’s a genuine one. I pray it get around fast to everybody so those affected can b cured and this not affected yet can be safe from it.

    4. Its a really nice idea. At least people can get all this things around then and it will be very affordable

      1. I seriously believe in efficacy of our herbal product. Is high time we invest in herbal medicine

    5. Sulaimon Nurudeen

      Well, it is high time Nigerian go Indigineous on this Corona of a thing. We just have to look inwards

    6. Ajibade Rilwan Tunbosun

      A big thanks to team bulldozer for given us this remedy to this deadly diseases called Covid-19

    7. Thanks for the medical write up. Its gives us awareness of the disease causing virus and its cure. Natural medicine can help

    8. I’m very happy today because I’m a teambullozer income membership I have be westing my purchasing power in naijaloan since but I gain nothing but to this teambullozer income have make to see cha today

    9. Justin Targba

      This is interesting as there is no limit to where to look for wen u are searching for a result. Going transitional is not a crime.

  1. It takes a strong immune system to fight against any upcoming disease, therefore I urge you to get one of the nuevergold products from any Team Bulldozer stakeholder to boost your immune system. Prevention is far better than cure.

  2. Still on the preventive measures, we must have to avoid putting non sterile objects into our mouth as this could serve as a point of entry for the virus.

    1. Chidiebere Ukuta

      Just wish that every other networking will be reliable like teambulldozer. More blessings on the admins. My ppl keep it upβ€οΈπŸŽπŸ™

    1. Alake Oluwapelumi

      I really like the idea of creating this platform it keeps people posted on what to take during this period of trial.

  3. I truly support this post. It would be good if people start adding all these natural ingredients in foods. This would help create a strong immune system.
    Let’s do well to stay safe during these times.

  4. That’s only a temporary solution that can only cure the virus at its early stage.
    Research should be further made to save the lives of patients who has been infected with the deadly disease at its adult stage

  5. What exactly should be mixed with garlic to heal people or these virus. Or how exactly does garlic work and cure these disease. Some people don’t even know these Is a curable antidote for the disease

  6. Innocent Ochube

    People have to be aware of this if it is really a good thing. The information should be spread through other news media for those who can not get online.

  7. The does this cure proposed has a scientific prove.
    I know the traditional medicine is good no doubt but how can we be sure of the drugs they offer have no side effect when there is not scientific proof

  8. Azibayam Goodness Gift

    Fact, ThankGod there is a remedy, it will be adviseable that we apply dis remedy even wen not infected to prevent the disease from coming

  9. Emeadi Chibuike Franklin

    Thanks for the preventive tip on how to avoid covid 19 virus…. It is really helpful

  10. Information that will come in handy. People, however, should only see this as bonuses and do not recklessly expose themselves unnecessarily because they now have potential remedies. It is important to remain conscious of our environment even when we know we now have some decent options for medication and healing.

    Thank you for this.

  11. Abdganiyy shereefdeen Adeleke

    I think it shouldn’t be only garlic that will be used for the cure of COVID 19

  12. It is very good as people are coming up with different ideas am sure one of this days there will definitely be a reliable solution by the grace of God

  13. The truth is that God has provided us with everything we need around us to be healed from any sickness or viruses

    1. This information is hundred percent correct and this proves that information is power. I tried this garlic of a thing though it is pepperish but it works. I believe it cleanses the kidney and lever. Thanks for knowing this

  14. Emmanuel uzamah

    the world health organisation made it clear the virus is not airborne so I don’t see any reason for the facemask please…the traditional method for it is just perfect like the use of alligator pepper lime water ginger and garlic

  15. Sanusi Isaac Olakunle

    It will be nice and do us good if the entire nation can take note of the use of traditional herbs and never rely if the vaccines and the likes. I think before the advent of technology our forefathers has been devising means of treating out breaks without much spread…… I pray our government see through the class of their offices.

  16. Oguntoye Damilola

    For every problem there is solution nice one team bulldozer for ur great research

  17. That’s for giving this info.
    We also have to take care by following the guidelines, which is to always sanitize your hands, avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes as these places are sensitive part of our body which the virus could penetrate.
    May God continue to protect us

  18. Things we over look must times are what can actually be of help who can believe such a product have a say In treating corona.

  19. Traditional remedies are always welcome but there needs to be a synergy with modern medicine to form a strong cure

  20. No matter the situation. The Solution is never far behind all thanks to TEAM BULLDOZER.
    You guys make your Blogs and articles worth it all thanks alot.

  21. Bassey Edidiong

    Thanks TBD for your consideration on this covid19 and awareness may God continue to bless you.

  22. Chidiebere Ukuta

    The admins of teambulldozer really meant well for ppl especially this critical period. My prayers for you will never end. More blessingsπŸ™

  23. TBD does not focus only on how to enriched people but they also Cares for our wellbeing

  24. This initiative is excellent and people have been contacting to verify the authenticity as they are also tired of sitting at home without making money.

  25. I will be good if this pioneer cure can vmne spread viral to help those victimized of covid 19… God bless…With prayer all shall be well…I celebrate the wisdom of God in you

  26. Olatunji Gbadamosi

    TBD you are always the best for me our health is important to you thanks so much

  27. I have always thought garlic could work, because it has helped my uncle fight off an ailment that trapped him down for years.

  28. We are just waiting for God’s intervention in our world, and I hope he see us true

  29. Wow, we should always listen to instruction it will also help us, may God see us through this

  30. It’s commendable, the awareness is totally encouraging. But it is expedient we take precautionary measures as a matter of fact your isolation and obedience could help save lives. God would guide us all through this trying times amen

  31. But they said hot water and garlic can cure this deadly disease called corona virus(covid 19)

  32. Ebatarhe Empress

    Thanks very much for the information. It’s true that coronavirus is a deadly disease but i pray that this cure you just discovered really works

  33. Alake Oluwapelumi

    The idea of using nature is really cool and it makes it more faster in dealing with it

  34. Well, the world is in a rather bad place right now. And it’s also not the time to point fingers either, instead we just have to keep forging ahead with caution, regardless of what we’re faced it

  35. sharon asindaya Gadzama

    Wow awesome adds right here, really inspiring to see how things are going on these days. Good day everyone.

    1. Ikg 😢😢😢

      This corona virus is so strong that everyone are indoor waiting for the whole health organization (wHO) to say it is over people don’t have money to feed and we are on lock down so how can the government help us

  36. I really love the idea of creating this platform it keeps people posted on what to take during this period of trial.

  37. Adewale Adewara

    Why can they extract a form of cure this traditional proven curses i mean the scientifically oblige ones

  38. I think this would be a break through if it pass clinical trial, we will proof to the world that Africa can also be really helpful

  39. Thanks tbd for ur wonderful opinion , I also pray that God provide solution to this virus because we are tired of this quarantine indoor

  40. Wow… This is great, many plants are truly medicinal and can help in fighting various kinds of diseases. Thank you TBD, this is an eye opener indeed.

  41. All we need right now is a cure I think that would be the perfect solution to all our problems

  42. Yes there is no cure yet but there is spiritual cure that heals all infirmities. We all need to turn to our supreme Maker for his mercies and healing in our land….
    Stat at home
    Stay safe
    Save the world

  43. This virus is a very serious issue
    We all should endeavor to be careful and stay safe.

  44. If truly those who contacted the virus could be cure traditionally then the government should please employ and adopt it

  45. Omotoyemo yosore olubunmi

    I know garlic contains antioxidants, so if this cure is adopted by many it will help get rid of free radicals capable of causing damage.

  46. This is a very, useful information and awareness should be created for it ,since no vaccine has been found for t .

  47. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Make sure you maintain social distancing that is one of it don’t swim in ignorance it is bad remember social distancing is needed my people

  48. Mukaila Nurudeen

    This is really good if it would work and if it passed clinical trial it would be really helpful

  49. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    It is been said that prevention is better than cure for not to be infected apply the necessary requirement and preventive measures remember ignorance is worst than the virus it self stay save

  50. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Don’t say you have not heard it is spreading on daily base killing thousands every day over the news,walking in the street,on radio you hear of it so what are you waiting for be warn

  51. Basil Marvelous

    I just wonder why I never knew about Team Bulldozer up till now.
    But thank God am a member now.
    All thanks to Team Bulldozer for doing that which Federal Government cannot and will never do. Thanks.

  52. Utojiuba Promise

    I can’t really say that Corona Virus can be cured using traditional medicine but what I know for sure is that Corona Virus does not live under heat. So I think the traditional way to treat Corona Virus is by staying in hot room or rooms without the use of Air-conditioner fixed in the room or room
    So Stay Safe.. Stay at Home…

  53. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Education is very Important as human beings talking about it alone it has so many benefits that is why Harvard is one of the best place to be for it

  54. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Covid- 19 as it is been called is real so don’t joke about it. Imagine the chief of staff was killed by it is that not a clear evidence so stay save and be reponsible

  55. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    That plant garlic is very medicinal in so many ways name them all can’t be said here and now again it’s a remedy for covid 19

  56. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Don’t doubt if you hear that garlic is a remedy I will not be surprise because garlic is very medicinal

  57. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Covid -19 is a treat to the world to day so
    Don’t say you have not heard about it so stay save but remember that (Jesus Saves) but don’t be afraid of is because fear kills faster than covid-19 remember stay save and be responsible

  58. Covid-19 is real guys
    Please you all should endeavor to stay home and don’t forget to stay safe.

  59. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    You can’t see where there is fire and you run into it are you blind even if you are blind can’t you feel,even if you can’t feel can’t you hear, garlic is now the traditional cure for covid-19 so stay save

  60. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Sanitizer alcoholic base is one of the best sanitizer recommended by health practitioners for us to use in oder to do away with the pandemic.just avoid sanitizer without the alcoholic content and it will help in oder words in directly alcohol helps to prevent the covid19

  61. I just hope this is confirmed. At least it will go a long way to go in the fight against Covod19

  62. U don’t only caee abt out financial problems you also care about our health god bless you team bulldozer

  63. Chigozie Samuel

    I hope proper research has been made on this so as not to mislead people…. Like the Ebola days

  64. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    The vaccine is still been sorted out for but we have heard of a traditional remedy that will control the current situation on ground so don’t panic at all
    It rs garlic so we can go with that.for now ok

  65. This write up will be very helpful to combating covid19. Nice one from team bulldozer.

  66. Please is no cure for the coronavirus for now so no one should believe that garlic or anything can cure the coronavirus but there are preventive measures to avoid the coronavirus

  67. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    It’s garlic or noting for now but I believe that this garlic is very good for this pandemic it has a natural efficacy well I am glad that it is been recommended for this for now subsequently we will get the vaccine

  68. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    OK talking about this pandemic causing havoc today in our society we have gotten a traditional remedy for it and listen very well to me it’s traditional OK and that traditional remedy is garlic
    If interested you can reply me

  69. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    One of the things I like about this traditional cure is that it is natural and it is good and one of the best seeds which is garlic so far garlic is one natural seed that has so many use to day in the world how do you see it


    This is a good news but I will also suggest it should be added as a daily routine by drinking it with warm water or chewing it raw if we can.

  71. Please let’s WHO look into this to see if this is a probable cure…meanwhile why cant we too all add ginger in most of the foods we eat,and take warm water…I use it,and I’m confident to say apart from its medicinal effect, its equally a nice spice,its adds a flavour to my cooking

  72. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    it’s called traditional knowing the fact is one point and accepting it is another thing to look at which we are faced with to over come the pandemic to be curtel and it OK talking about garlic

  73. I believe adding garlicgarlic to our meal help in keeping our immune strong,and it helps us to fight against covid 19

  74. Good information, even though I believe this whole COVID19 outbreak is a man made wickedness. This Chinese government has to be questioned and prosecuted

  75. Garlic right from time immemorial has been protecting our bodies from viruses and infections which is quite commendable.

  76. Muhammad Abdulhamid Kpanje

    If this garlic f a thing is effective then they is need to celebrate
    stay home
    stay safe

  77. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    If you are doubting this fact,then you need to first of all know more about am not surprise to hear that it is the traditional cure for this covid-19
    Ask questions and you will be given aswers

    1. Wow this is nice… I also had itching in the throat and decided o try the local method with garlic and behold it’s gone.. thanks team bulldozer r this..

  78. I personally don’t believe in all these things. But nevertheless there is no harm in trial

    1. Ajuzie Chigozie

      Nice content TBD
      I myself don’t like garlic
      But I’ll have to give it a try
      Thanks very informative

  79. Wow! I have just been enlightened, garlic indeed has some medelical potential.

    1. Everyone should keep a healthy lifestyle at home.
      Maintain a healthy diet, sleep, stay active, and make
      social contact with loved ones through the phone or
      internet. Children need extra love and attention from
      adults during difficult times. Keep to regular routines and
      schedules as much as possible.
      It is normal to feel sad, stressed, or confused during a
      crisis. Talking to people you trust, such as friends and
      family, can help. If you feel overwhelmed, talk to a
      health worker or counsellor.

  80. Patricktomiwa

    All this natural herbs works effectively and ill advise we use tgem regularly for prevention

  81. Gbadegesin Abdullahi Opeyemi

    They are just try their best so may God heal our land and God bless TBD

  82. Ukemeobong akpabio

    Most effective drugs that cure ailments have a percentage of plants’ extractions.
    It’s therefore of no doubt that coronavirus can be cured traditionally.

  83. Daramola Emmanuel

    I love this. Yes the smell is offensive but but what garlic does in the body is much more than we can imagine.

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