How it works

Our main project as a team is our partnership with Nuevergold with the goal of producing 100 Millionaires  annually and to save at least 100,000 Nigerians annually from different chronic diseases

Before skipping to the summary of how we work under Nuevergold, below are some facts you should know about this global company

NUEVERGOLD has produced many millionaires globally and some of our team members are lucky to have their names on the list

NUEVERGOLD is the only health MLM Company whose products are recommended in top Indian hospitals

There are thousands of testimonies from many people who got healed from one disease or the other by using NUEVERGOLD health products

NUEVERGOLD has been in existence since 2003. That is over 15 years in the business of saving lives and giving people the opportunity to create/build WEALTH

NUEVERGOLD has the best compensation plan ever. Very simple and straight forward. No flushing of PV, No slavery. No difficulty whatsoever!

NUEVERGOLD  products has no side effects. All their products are 100% organic in nature and works like magic.

The products & kits you will be given immediately after joining is more than your REGISTRATION FEE

There is high demand for NUEVERGOLD products due to their efficacy and how powerful they are.

NUEVERGOLD pays partners weekly even if you don’t request for withdrawal

NUEVERGOLD company can’t liquidate (or go bankrupt) because they make so much money due to high global demand of their products

Having gone through the facts above, below are the steps we took to operate as a team under the company

Step 1: We took the bold step to strike a long term partnership deal with Nuevergold

Step 2: We adopted a system in which everyone can be carried along using a teamwork arrangement. A system where a novice could be transformed into a guru using the power of LEVERAGE

What You Must Know

  • You can make a huge fortune on weekly basis even WITHOUT selling our products

  • Taking advantage of our products is an additional benefit among other great deals

How It Works

  • Registration is FREE! Get the company’s package that contains kits plus N33,000 worth of Nuevergold  health products. This package activates your lifetime partnership with the company

  • You will be granted free access to the company’s weekly earning binary system with unlimited earning capacity based on our team’s growth

  • Your journey to weekly earning commences immediately you recruit 2 people directly under yourself on the binary tree. If you can’t recruit the 2 persons under yourself, the team will assist you by placing 2 distributors under you and we have made the process faster using constant promotion & innovative marketing strategies

  • Aside the weekly alert, you can qualify for prizes and awards ranging from free international trips, car awards, house funds and other mega awards!

How To Get Started

  • Purchase the company’s lowest package of N25,000 which contains promotional kits plus N33,000 worth of highly effective health products

Why You Need To Join Nuevergold Via Team Bulldozer

  • You will gain free access to all our team’s resources including training, tangible prizes plus other mega privileges

  • You will be assisted by the team based on recruiting for quick growth

  • You will gain free mentorship from the millionaires in our team and learn proper growth strategies and many other benefits. Being part of us could be the best decision you’ll make this year

  • The voice note below is the summary of how we operate under Nuevergold

  • Below is the account details you are expected to pay into if you are fully interested to embark on the trip with us pay 25k into👇

    Acc. Number: 0138164547

    Acc. Name: Tishe Mariam

    Bank Name: GTBank

  • We will forward your money from the account above to the company’s account   for your registration package

Note: We recruit people daily into our team and that is why we receive money from different prospects using a single account while we pay in bulk into the company’s account to avoid confirmation stress!

  • After payment, kindly fill this form with proof of payment and we will get back to you.

  • We have presented the right opportunity to you at the right time! We hope to see you on board