Summary Of Team Bulldozer

We are aware of the fact that a lot of persons have developed phobia for reading long articles, hence the reason why we decided to make this piece as brief as possible. Below is the summary of what you need to know about TEAM BULLDOZER and how we get paid every week for being part of TEAM BULLDOZER↓

Team Bulldozer is a group of resilient marketers who have assembled under one single umbrella with the common goal of “bulldozing” poverty and sicknesses from society, by leveraging on team work arrangement.

In order to achieve our goal, we decided to utilise an unusual business idea that helps one to make money while knocking out diseases in the process.

Below are the two steps we have taken to achieve our GOAL and these steps are already pushing us to our desired destination

Step 1

We took the bold step to strike a partnership deal with an over 15 year old German health company whose products has facilitated the freedom of many humans from the bondage of  different chronic diseases.


Step  2️

We adopted a system in which everyone can be carried along using a teamwork arrangement. A system where a novice could be transformed into a guru using the power of LEVERAGE.

A system where those that can not fly could ride on the wings of our high flying experts in order to get to the TOP

Below are the key things you need to note about making a fortune on Team Bulldozer👇👇

1. You can make a huge fortune on  weekly basis even without selling our products

2. Taking advantage of our products is an additional benefit among other great deals

Below are the 2 problems we have solved successfully using our innovative strategies

1. Recruiting
2. Selling

We have successfully created a system that can assist you in conquering the 2  aforementioned challenges. A well controlled system that does 90% of the work for you with your own little 10% effort.

Here is how you can quickly key into our proven system & be part of this great family

✔️Grab our company’s package that gives you access to our weekly earning binary method plus a free welcome products of N33,000 which you can select based on choice and other goodies.

Below is how to get on board and enjoy all the benefits of being  part of us

✔️ You are to pay one-time registration fee of N25,000 which gives you the following 👇

👉 A spot in our binary tree where you could be earning weekly based on our team’s growth. The earning has no limit

👉 Welcome products worth of over N33,000

👉 Free access to all our team’s resources including training, free trips, tangible prizes & awards plus other mega privileges.

Your journey to weekly earning commences immediately the TEAM places 2 distributors directly under you on the binary tree and we have made the process faster using constant promotion & innovative marketing strategies

Some Of Our Achievements In Less Than A Month 👇👇👇

👉We have been able to connect over 700 team members to the pool of endless  weekly credit alert by assigning portfolios to them💪💪💥💥🤑🤑
👉 A lot of persons have recovered from several diseases with the aid of our effective products
👉 We produced a millionaire in less than a month💃💃🚀🤩

👉 We have successfully trained over 1000 Nigerians on how to utilise the power of LEVERAGE🔥🔥 and many more achievements. Just within a month o and we haven’t even started fully😀😀😀

The right time to get started is now✍️

Link up with any of the top admins below on WhatsApp to get started today and you will be glad you made this decision👇👇





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  1. This seems good enough. I have actually been seeing posts about Team Bulldozer on Facebook. A friend also showed an alert he got courtesy of team Bulldozer. But I am scared o. This 9ja can be something else. Hope I’m safe with you guys, cos I am interested.

          1. I like this platform,it is very lovely.I just joined and am finding it interesting.

        1. Is really nice, but will want to ask a question, please what is the sustainability plan for the beautiful platform?

    1. TBD is a nice youth financial empowerment program. Kudos to the sponsor for the nice work

    2. Adekoya Similoluwa

      i absolutely love that team bulldozer is helping a lot of youths with this platform

    3. You are save my brother. Nothing to fear nothing to worry about. TBD is real no scam. Enjoy your stay with us.

    1. Olasunkanmi. The business is very real and sure.

      I am a testimony to this fact, come with us and you shall testify.

    1. Am beginning to like it but will still want to know more about it and how it works before venturing into it

  2. No wise man would see this life time opportunity and let it slide. Teambulldozer is the Present and the future. If you are wise enough to seize this opportunity, even 5years from now you will always be think back to the day you made the awesome decision to join the moving train. Be the wise man, sow your seed and join in then oil well of weekly alerts with teambulldozer.

    1. Am beginning to like it but will still want to know more about it and how it works before venturing into it

  3. #Teambuldozer has come to buldoze every financial crises and sickness 😊.. teambuldozer is on high speed 🚀🚀

  4. I’m still having a little challenge with this business, please I need clarification.

  5. This is actually very good and I’m interested…
    Thank you for creating such platform…

  6. #Teambulldozer#
    A good name indeed. This team is not only a legit team but a team that changes life. This team won’t give you what you need only but it will teach you how to make it yourself.
    Register now and you will not regret it forever.

  7. This seems good enough. I have actually been seeing posts about Team Bulldozer on Facebook. A friend also showed an alert he got courtesy of team Bulldozer. But I am scared o. This 9ja can be something else. Hope I’m safe with you guys, cos I am interested.

  8. Abdul'azeez Ahmed

    I’m a new member I hope I’ll enjoy all you said about this prestigious team

  9. Nice one.. But I have a question o

    Is this 25k one time registration free different from the 1500 naira registration fee some of us paid? How is it different and what are the benefits allocated to each?

  10. Succinctly put and phenomenally expressed. I am willing to join this but I am not ready. And I am not ready not because I am not serious, but because I currently do not have the funds. So after getting enough activity points on your website, I believe I’ll be able to earn enough to make my one time payment to join the team.

    Thank you for this information. It came quite at the right time.

  11. Abdganiyy shereefdeen Adeleke

    I think it should be named poverty eradication scheme, infact this is great indeed

  12. I made the choice to join teambulldozer…not regretting it and I hope they work on their activity point because I want to get my 25k to register

  13. Team bulldozer is a very encouraging platform for every youth and adult who has given up on any other resources to earn income

  14. Asaye Bankole sunday

    I have invested in o many online business but I believe in you guys you will not eat me down

  15. Uzamah Emmanuel

    So far this is the best platform I felt from the moment I saw it on a friends timeline I new this was the place

  16. Team bulldozer bulldozing this period of stay at home. I’ve seen this platform trusted n trustworthy.
    I had a doubt before i joined this platform. But now, i’m blown minded. I would attest that this platform is the best n superb….
    All hail team bulldozer

  17. I wish to extend my profound gratitude to TDB as a whole for a platform like this to help the less privileged even in this trying time. may the gud Lord reward you abundantly.

    1. Mmadubuobi Collins Anayochukwu

      Pls the idea of placing referrals is good…through networking and advert.And first come first serve basis…every body will surely earn.But who are the admin and moderators. .are truthful and reliable are they

  18. Sanusi Isaac Olakunle

    Indeed future enjoyment depends on those that could see opportunities from afar. Kudos to tram bulldozer, we are getting closer to financial freedom.

  19. This platform has really made my online presence all worth it.
    I couldn’t believe this at first but now Even if I see the name TBD in any platform at all I will willingly join cause they are 100% legit and Secure. Thanks alot once again.

  20. OLAGUNJU Abdulmalik

    I have looking for a plaform like this since, but thanks to TDB for bring my dream come true

  21. Adebowale tosin

    I have join TBD and have been sharing its content to make some points, but what are the other thing that could make me make real money from this platform?

  22. Azeez Olalekan

    Teambulldozer is indeed a reliable source which is ready with passion and compassion to elevate and eradicate poverty through a life easy access

  23. The high number of testifiers prooves positive that TBD really works. You’re guaranteed of making passive income through this platform.

  24. We are in for a long ride, because I believe we’ve not even started. Just join now that you may

  25. I think i like the idea of this program, not some other i have seen where you have to search for about 12 downliners before you can get any return for your investment. Hope is exactly the way you guys said it is.

  26. Alake Oluwapelumi

    That’s a good write up,does it mean after paying for the registration you’ll be earning weekly without doing anything just like an investment plan?

    1. No! U need to login everyday to earn 50point, u comment u gnt 5point, u share content share to facebok u get 200point, and u reg. People u get N1000

  27. It’s good enough
    But the one time registration is huge oooo and the benefits is much more huge
    I’ll try it out

  28. I’d pay this without flinching and I’m saying it under no form of compulsion and threat..
    Team bulldozer is doing great and should be commended. As a matter of fact should be recommended as the best paying platform in the internet..
    You want to make it join us or watch us soar like eagles..

  29. I’d say this without flinching and I’m saying it under no form of compulsion and threat..
    Team bulldozer is doing great and should be commended. As a matter of fact should be recommended as the best paying platform in the internet..
    You want to make it join us or watch us soar like eagles..

  30. Nathaniel Nwanze

    Understanding the uniqueness of network marketing is the key to succeed. Team bulldozer or nothing!!!

    1. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

      It is been confirmed and said that two good heads than one,
      Working together is very OK remember a tree can not make a forest. so team bulldozer is one out of many plat forms were you can make huge success as you invest

  31. I am a living witness team bulldozer has changed my life and that of my friends I always saw everything as scam until I came across team bulldozer thank u so much

  32. Officialkisskid

    This is really interesting ,, a friend introduce me to this, and I decided to join and now I’m seeing it as a big help to students like me, hope this will help us not request much from parents

  33. Daniel oyekunle

    This is a great idea, a great platform where one can legally earn ..My prayer is that it remains stable

  34. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    I must commend this plant form team bulldozer for going ahead of the crisis to rocking the globe to make sure we maintain social distance the world has changed to digital marketing and team bulldozer deserve the credits thanks

  35. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    It me am hear again to talk about plat form if you have not still join then you are on a long thing so make hast just at the comfort of your House team bulldozer remember the word is moving to digital marking

  36. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Team bulldozer is a plat form were every one has opportunity not minding who you are just be focus with your daily routine and you will benefit

  37. I really appreciate the making of this, its gives Nigeria as a country unity, and way of earning money online, very legit because I and my friend cashout, even tho we risk it at first but now is certain, guess what some of ours are very jealous when we cash out and now rushing to join… Teambulldozer God bless d creator

  38. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    If you think it is not real then stay there watch as we cash out remember a word is enough for the wise team bulldozer will still be doing for people who invest in it don’t doubt

  39. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    For those of you DAT don’t know
    This team bulldozer a plat form were every body benefit
    As long as you invest you money and time don’t forget you money and you time you will not be left out

  40. Ibeh christopher

    This is a fantastic site
    i thank the teambulldozer for the support
    am just new here,but i can testify that this is the best and trusting site to eradicate poverty
    teambulldozer keep the wheel rolling

  41. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Summarizing this team bulldozer do think we will be through today just think about it were are going to start it will take time but let me just summarize by say it is real OK

  42. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Team bulldozer is making wave but some people think it is a joke,it’s nor a joke is for real indeed so don’t sit there and doubt we are teamed up to succeed ok

  43. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Try to understand the trend you invest and another person invest it’s a continuous thing as you referre people you get paid it is a plat form were every one benifit

  44. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    It better now than later team bulldozer is some how still new so you better join now and be a partaker and benefit while others are think about it

  45. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    If you want to make bulldozing amount this period team bulldozer is the plat form don’t hesitate to do so, delay can be dangerous the early the better for you give it a place and see for self

  46. To those in doubt, I am too. But life is a risk, the floor here is filled with positivity so if Team bulldozer is here with this life changing risk with the positivity surrounded by it… I’m heading all in.💯💪😎

  47. I taught that this is scam but on sunday 19th Aprial, 2020 i got my first alart boom. Up TEAMBULLDOZER

  48. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    When you hear the word bulldozer, what come across your mind just think about it.
    Bulldozing means clearing obstacles that causes blockage so you identifying with this team is what should come across your mind to grow

  49. This site is awesome
    i thank the teambulldozer for the support.
    am just new here,but i can testify that this is the best and trusting site to eradicate poverty. TBD keep it up

  50. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    It is better to take a risk than not to in life,and one of the right risk to take today that you will not regret is the team bulldozer there is gain when you join this team or plat form it will help you kudos team bulldozer

  51. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Just imagen your self been a wealth bulldozer because you joined the team bulldozer how will you fill in this present situation my people think about it and be wise OK

  52. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Team bulldozer is here again so we that are here should be previlaged to be partakers of it,it do help one way or the order to reach our needs in so many ways so be be serious about it

    1. Wow!.This is great news. If you’re reading,you can’t afford to miss out on this. Hurry now to be a part of achievers.

  53. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Wait a minute what are we talking about first and for most what is the meaning of bulldozer after you have known it then this will now lead to the nest what is team now combining the two words will now give you the correct answer to the summary


    I love this team this idea is great which will really help to alleviate poverty i the country I will like to key into it.

  55. Adedayo Hannah

    Pls av registered and av been reading d news but nothing is added to my account yet or am not doing it right?

  56. A golden opportunity just at my door step…I cant wait to make it big in TBD so I quickly move into this higher rank…it sounds so exicting

  57. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Were do we start from here now do you know it’s very important that will showcase come over we help you build your cash and it grows

  58. This has been one of the greatest platform have ever seen….. thanks so much #teambulldozer for this great opportunity. You are blessed

  59. You are 100% safe with us @ Team bulldozer, we have come to stay no child’s play we mean business

  60. Ikeocha chisom

    Nice… I just wish people will stop seeing this forum as ponzi scheme or whatever and join
    This is the best so far

  61. Chukwunwem prince chukwunenye

    Hear this one it is very important as long you want to know about this plat form so you listen very well so you will be informed ok. It’s a platform were you grow with the back up of other person collective effort

  62. i am new to the platform. Though I am yet to earn, but from the testimonies and comment i have seen I have confidence of smiling to the bank soonest.

  63. This is wonderful. I love the vision that has set the team on a mission. This I believe💯 will go along way to finish poor status in Nigeria.

  64. I love this place…
    Glad to be here…
    It’s really fun🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️

  65. Omotayo Olalekan

    Team bulldozer na baba
    Pls the only problem I still have is me not being credited after sharing the #content share…pls the team should help me o

  66. Oluwaseun Abiodun Adebayo

    I jst join teambulldozer,but am in love with the strategy and ur simplicity

    1. Ajuzie Chigozie

      It a brilliant idea, may God Almighty continue to bless this great team and all its members

  67. Am really happy to have TBD as my source of income, because they are realiable

  68. A friend of mine introduce me to this plaform, and what I’m seeing is quite I wish I have enough finance to buy Company’s Package That Gives You Access Weekly Earning.which is #2500, we I’m looking forward to that day..
    I stand with this plaform and I trust it..#teambulldozer❣️

  69. Very good indeed, l am happy to be here . Hope this platform will grant us welcome

  70. I came into the community recently and I’m pleased to see how all these works for real..

  71. Sobogun Abdullahi

    Have been following this platform for more than 2 month now but I just really commend you people, and those that brought the ideas, you are truly amazing… Keep up the hard work.

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