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1,110 thoughts on “TBD Sponsored Post For Today”

          1. But why.
            Can you convince me… I have more than 19,000 point and never been paid once since when I reg

        1. Owolabi Blessing


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        2. Type here..how can i convinced people to register whereas I’ve not been paid?.

          1. have been on this plateform since April i dont how to reffer people so i choose to post the the content share and also try to login to get the 50bonus and when i checked the batch my withdrawal request was not approve,i felt bad and ever since then i stop posting, i only login to see any new development, i dont even want to earn i just want the previous ones to be paid first

    1. Type here..hello my dear brothers and sisters let’s come and make this register at this company team bulldozer it’s very important to us to make this register it will help us.

      1. Kelechiamaechi

        Ples u have gotten up to 20000ponts and I can’t still withdraw anything from there please hw can I doing it ples help me out

    2. Umar Faruk Usman

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    3. This is a nice website for making money i advice to join us on the platform and give it a try and see the difference in in an taste the difference in it ,it pays here

    4. Nice one I really love it thTBDIncome

      You could be making money daily online. Get started today on TBD Income Program!

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    1. Absalom Gwimta

      I don’t know if this platform is a scam or not bcos i av been here for more than a month but i have not been paid.


      Great job, Legit online Business, No doubt I have read a lot of testimonies with proves of Credit …Alerts…Hopeful I will be the Next to Testisfy with Credit Alerts Prove…Thank you #TBD#

    1. Michael Nelson

      TBD a great platform to be. I wish I had join this great money making platform before now but, nevertheless I am still lucky to have joined now. TBD a real and 100% legit platform. Three 👊👊👊 for you.

  1. Type here..I name is sani, I have been inviting you my dear brothers and sisters, to come our company team bulldozer, in order to get your register at this company the purported to said that is true really! so you have to use your opportunity to make your register when you have made your register so that you will start to get your money daily incomes program through your bank account number.

  2. BudnukaekuChinago Budnuka

    TBD easy and straightforward to work with.
    I hope the form is on the way

    1. TBD is very good platform that make u earn money daily. it’s good and i’m very sure u love it.

  3. Wow am really seeing changes.
    TBD is making progress..
    Continue on your good work.

    1. MissIndependent

      Av been on dis platform for over a month now, I fill my withdrawal form som weeks back but till now haven’t received anything. Pls wat is goin on? What could av been d problem? Am getting fed up

  4. Augustine Briggs

    TBD income program his the best platform ever and making the required amount his very sure

  5. Hurry up and and grab the opportunity to be with us in this journey.

    TBD income is one to tell ten

  6. Please admin I want to prove those doubting thomas in my street wrong by receiving my alart. Am having more than 16k but can’t cash out please don’t fall my hand in the street.

  7. I’ve put a lot of trust to this platform now have not been paid getting to 3month despite sharing sponsored post am worried

  8. Its real because L have collected for real. You will get paid with or without referrals.

  9. MissIndependent

    Av been on this platform over 2months now, I fill my withdrawal form ova a month but till now I haven’t receive any alert, pls what is d problem abt and my earnings keeps on accumulating.
    I was even thinking filling another withdraw form dis last Friday but alas no withdraw form throughout day.
    I hope to get back my money I use to register if at all no profit. I wil count it as wasted time and efforts.

  10. I have a zero doubt about how legit teambuldozer are! I have received my third alert. More grease to the CEO elbow.


    Financial influence is a function of the Knowledge at your disposal, so get values on the wings of a social and highly reputable platform, Via Team bulldozer income, it pays great

  12. Ndubuizu chinedu

    Hello TBD..when are they paying those for activity point earners..pls let us know on time

    1. How can this be the best site while for several months now no payment of activity point.. it’s getting discouraging…

  13. TBD is a genuine platform any one can trade with,it real really reliable u can possibly rely on it.

  14. I don’t understand the site at all because I was on the site before April still now, I have not make any activity withdraw which is very bad, pls when is the activity withdraw form coming out pls

  15. Blessing Michael Ijeoma

    Please I don’t want to believe this is a scam I’ve been hoping to withdraw for a very long time.
    Why is the payment too slow?

    1. Odebamowo Olamide

      Guys. Calm down you would get paid soon. Y’all need to understand that they are still paying from their capital. Google is yet to pay them for generating traffic on the site. Thanks for your understanding.TBD all the way

  16. Team bulldozer all the way…
    I hope the intellectual challenge gonna be judged and marked well💋

  17. Anas abdulsalam

    Type here..hello! My dear brothers and sisters let’s us come and make this register it’s very important to us to get it.at this moments

  18. Type here..hello! My dear brothers and sisters let’s us come and make this register it’s very important to us to get it.at this moments.

  19. Olayode tunde

    We are waiting for withdrawal ooo never been paid a dine since I join neuvergold and now I join this one too nothing what’s going on and you guys a commenting great work it great indeed

  20. Harzan Emmanuel

    Seriously this issue of in ability to paid is saying something deffrend about what the platform promise us. How can u convince someone if u urself have nothing to show for it.

  21. John Emmanuel

    I was invite to join this platform I did everything needed I also invite two people my point is over 15000 now but no any respond of payment can someone help me