TBD Vibe Contest Season 1 Result 

Below is the list of top contestants and their details

Grace Sargimon

Video Quality- 20%
Likes – 3.8k
Shares- 11k
Comments- 4k
Verdict – Disqualified
Reason- Fake likes and imported reactions
Video Link:

Esther Dozer

Video Quality- 17%
Likes – 3,701
Shares- 2k
Comments – 3k
Reason- Fake likes and imported reactions
Video Link👇👇


Video Quality- 5%
Shares – 1k
Comments – 1k
Likes – 3.2k
Verdict – Winner
Video Link👇👇

Miracle Onyinye

Video Quality- 6%
Likes – 2,873
Shares – 1k
Comments- 3k
Verdict – Second Runner
Video Link👇👇

Cynthia (Flashy)

Video Quality- 10%
Likes – 2,506
Shares – 1k
Comments – 3k
Verdict – First Runner
Video Link👇👇


Video Quality- 9%
Likes – 2,262
Shares- 134
Comments- 932
Verdict – Third Runner
Video Link👇👇

Okafor Kenneth

Video Quality – 16%
Likes – 1.4k
Shares – 54
Comments- 1k
Verdict – 5th Position
Video Link 👇👇

Stonze Ezinwa

Video Quality- 40%
Likes – 1,181
Shares – 84
Comments – 670
Verdict – 6th Position
Video Link 👇👇

Aviara Victor

Video Quality – 30%
Likes – 1,079
Shares – 396
Comments – 656
Verdict – 7th Position
Video Link 👇👇


Video Quality – 16%
Likes – 1,028
Shares – 85
Comments – 2k
Verdict – 8th Position
Video Link 👇👇


Video Quality- 22%
Likes – 1,016
Shares – 143
Comments – 855
Verdict – 9th Position
Video Link 👇👇

Final Verdict

Winner : Harrydephilo

  • Reward: N60,000 cash
  • VIP slot on TBD
  • Free crypto training

First Runner : Cynthia (Flashy)

  • Reward: N30,000 cash
  • VIP Slot on TBD
Second Runner : Miracle Onyinye
  • Reward: N20,000 cash
  • VIP slot on TBD
Third Runner : Darlington
  • Reward: N10,000
  • 1 hour with Egu Chris

Other Prizes

Best TBD Vibe Contest Video
Winner : Favour
Video Quality: 90%
Reward: N10,000 Cash
Link: Facebook account hacked
First Ticket Buyer
Winner: Grace Sargimon

Reward: N5,000 Cash




Best TBD Vibe Contest Dancer

Winner: Ican Mati


Video Quality: 80%

Reward: N5,000

Video Link:


All top contestants who didn’t Emerge As winners will be credited with either 5k each or a keg of palm Wine

Okafor Kenneth

  • TBD/S1/2020/0046
  • Position: 5th
  • Reward: N5,000 Cash

Stonze Ezinwa

  • TBD/S1/2020/0036
  • Position: 6th
  • Reward: N5,000 Cash

Aviara Victor

  • TBD/S1/2020/0069
  • Position: 7th
  • Reward: N5,000 Cash


  • TBD/S1/2020/0035
  • Position: 8th
  • Reward: N5,000 Cash


  • TBD/S1/2020/0021
  • Position: 9th
  • Reward: N5,000 Cash
All the 4 winners are advised to send their best pictures to Egu Chris on WhatsApp for official publicity
Send a mail to [email protected] in order to receive your reward
Title of the message: TBD Vibe Contest
Add your bank details and WhatsApp number plus your ticket number.
Our sincere gratitude goes to all the TBD Vibe contestants season 1; we appreciate all your contributions towards the success of TBD Vibe Contest Season 1. May God in his infinite potency and mercy continue to guide and enrich us all, Àmín (Yoruba) Amin (hausa) Iseee (Igbo)

499 thoughts on “TBD Vibe Contest Season 1 Result ”

      1. Welldone for this but all the contestants should be rewarded with a token because they v all done well.

  1. See, my love for teambulldozer is immeasurable. I love this team. Kudos to every great member of this team. Kudos to our able boss, Egu Chris. The oil upon your head is too much😊😊. I followed the Facebook links to watch every participant and I observed one thing- the aura of joy. Even in hard times, in lockdown, in economy breakdown, team bulldozer was still making people happy.
    See, forget about the money the contestants won, only the joy from the participation worth more than the money. It’s only in team bulldozer that your happiness is our concern. Congrats to every winner. For those that were disqualified, I believe you have learnt from your mistakes?
    If you are yet to join team bulldozer, do join us to tap into the joy overflowing in our team.

  2. This is wow
    Congratulations to the winners!!!

    My love for this platform is growing even more

    Kudos to team bulldozer👊👊👍👍

  3. Wow! Kudos to TBD for organizing this contest and kudos to the contestants too. Season 2 promises to be more fun-filled!


    Wow congrats to those who won the contest and a big thanks to team bulldozer you guys are wonderful.

  5. Ahamefula Godswill

    Bravo and congrats to all winners of this great competition.

    TBD! Thanks for this great destiny building and dream helping hand you are giving to this generation.

    Keep it up.

  6. Wow, congrats to all the winners, congrats to all who also participate and for those who cheated , hope you learnt your lesson already.

    1. This is a great business I ever see in my life with a great profit.i encourage people to join and earn money

    1. Augustina Adimah

      Congratulations to all the winners. I hope they’ll be another contest cos I need to win🙏


    Thanks to TBD for this opportunity and for fulfilling it’s promise.I think more of opportunity should be made available on the platform as it will help increase the number of members joining a day.It might also organize essay competition and other things that will attract the attention of Audience and bring more traffic to the platform.God bless TBD,TBD for life.

  8. Akinyemi Opeyemi

    Congratulations to the winners and kudos to those that tried… Thanks to Team TBD for the contest.


      Wow!!! Congratulations to the winners, I believe that one day I will be congratulated,, Am New here,,,The alerts of other Members Am seeing, indeed really convinced me that #TBD is not a scam…Onelove#TBD# Team bulldozer

  9. Wow that awesome, well I’m looking forward to season 2, because o came late for season 1..so congratulations to all the winners.
    #TBD my number one trusted plaform…❣️❣️👊

  10. Congratulation to the contestant and to those were not opportune to win. You are all winners. God bless TBD and the team in Jesus Name.

  11. Rewarding and exciting experience though I missed out on this. Hopefully won’t miss the next edition. Bravo team bulldozer!

  12. Really incredible, this shows that teambulldozer is for real and is really making impact. Kudos guys.

  13. Chia i missed out please when is the season two coming up this is my WhatsApp number 0806800527.
    thanks and God bless you all

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